La Gée is a Cosnet Industries brand, around 300 employees over 14,5 hectares state-of-the-art industrial facility with integrated metallurgy, galvanization and plastics factories.

The French family-owned group Cosnet Industries employs around 300 employees over 14,5 hectares of industrial facility. It gathers metallurgy (SAS Cosnet and SAS Pasdelou), plastics (SAS Polymoule-La Gée) and galvanization (SAS Galva 72).

Situated in one of the largest livestock farming regions in Europe, the “Grand-Ouest” region of France (incorporating Brittany and the Pays de la Loire), its products are used by breeders operating in an ever more competitive environment.

With its own research and development centre and highly advanced production facilities, it has been a leader in the livestock breeding market for 40 years.

In order to meet industry requirements, the Cosnet Industries Group has become ever more innovative and focussed on the quality of its products. This involves testing products at its own experimental horse breeding farm.

LA GÉE is a brand of SAS Polymoule which has split its business into two divisions: the breeding division with the «La Gée Breeding” brand and the equine division with the «La Gée, horse equipment” division.

Created in 1989, SAS Polymoule is specialised in the manufacture of polyethylene resin items using rotational and injection moulding processes, as well as the manufacture of boxes and shelters.

It comprises a roto-moulding workshop equipped with an automated micronisation station and a fleet of roto-moulding machines, including one a large model oven, unique in Europe, which allows it to manufacture large parts, while respecting the mechanical qualities of the resin. Its injection workshop also serves to produce injected handle tools, drinkers, grooming boxes, etc. Its wood workshop is also specialised in the manufacture of boxes and shelters.

In order to meet the user material and equipment requirements, SAS Polymoule works with other companies within the group which provide expertise in metalworking, plastics processing and hot galvanized surface treatment processes..

Many products have resulted from this association of skills, such our range of barrows combining a galvanized metal frame with a roto-moulded polyethylene resin container. This combination of know-how enables us to optimise and develop the La Gée product ranges.

Since its creation, the company has continued to grow steadily and to invest in various manufacturing tools, as well as making significant investments in research and development. SAS Polymoule also regularly registers major patents within its core business to remain at the technical cutting edge.

La Gée products are distributed worldwide via a network of distributors specialised in the sale of products for breeders and farmers or products for horse riders or for professional or private horse owners.

SAS Polymoule adopts an environmentally responsible approach and is committed to sustainable development. Thanks to its well-managed production line, it recycles over 95% of its manufacturing process waste.

Other concrete actions have been implemented at all stages from production to shipment. These have led to an optimisation of electricity and gas consumption, the recycling of wood, paper, ink cartridges, plastics and more.